Ken Scarpetti

Ken Scarpetti has lived in New Hampshire for over 50 years and is equipped with an unparalleled level of market awareness and local expertise. Coming from an ambitious and motivated family background, he is no stranger to hard work and truly appreciates the real-world skills that he gained from a very early age.

Growing up in Manchester and moving to Raymond , Ken quickly expanded his regional knowledge through managing his family's manufactured home community and learned septic install and operating heavy equipment. He graduated Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance, and applied his business skills by negotiated and cofounding, a successful Eliminator Boat dealership in Hooksett shortly after graduation. Ken is a firm believer in teamwork and collaboration, he went on to partner with his twin brother on a new home development in 1986. From that point forward his passion for Real Estate scaled to something greater, and he went on to build dozens of new homes and commercial buildings across the state.

Initially, housing developments were the cornerstone of Ken's business, and his reputation flourished as he became known for exceptional customer service with a commitment to work hard, listen and follow through. As time went on, word of mouth and referrals gained Ken new clients looking to buy and sell, and his Brokers License allowed him to focus on this more intimate aspect of the Real Estate industry. His experience with building and remodeling allowed him to develop a keen "sixth sense" to evaluate home quality and structure, and buyers sought him out for this very reason, as this level of knowledge is unmatched and crucial to save time and money during the house hunting process.

Ken proudly states, "We offer personalized service with extensive construction knowledge we believe no other firm around can offer to customers. We don't count our success by dollar volume, we take pride in the numerous friends we've gained throughout our career." He earns his client's respect by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them honest, knowledgeable advice.

Ken is grateful for his supportive wife Jacqueline and his daughter Isabella. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, In the Manchester area and in Portsmouth, where he is very involved with the communities and has a special interest in building preservation and restoration.

Dave Scarpetti

David Scarpetti is a long-term resident of New Hampshire, and has curated a lifetime of experiences that truly set him apart in the Real Estate industry. Growing up being the oldest (and best looking) of 4 boys, David was strongly influenced by his family, who taught him the values of commitment, communication, and entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning. Through learning construction from his father and managing various family retail businesses, he quickly developed a strong work ethic and customer centric mindset. He took his talents to the world of Real Estate, becoming licensed in 1990 and finding satisfaction in getting to meet new people every day while helping them during some of the most important moments of their lives. Over the years, David has a proven track record with just about every facet of Real Estate- land, mobile homes, multi-families, commercial property, subdivisions, gas station sites, new construction, foreclosures, and more. For David, Real Estate is one job he doesn't mind "taking home with him," which is a good thing considering he has lived in several homes he built himself.

David emphasizes that to be successful selling Real Estate, "you need to be a patient problem solver." He combines his strong business acumen along with extensive industry experience to be a reliable partner and advocate for his clients. He understands that buying and selling can be stressful, and prides himself in a client-first approach in order to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

David has been married to his wife Doris for 30 years, and together they have two lovely adult children whom they are very proud of. Aside from his Real Estate endeavors, David enjoys camping on weekends with his wife and being involved in his local community. He is an active Kiwanis member and also serves on number town boards, with a special focus on town business development.

Hubie McDonough is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, with an extensive background in athletics.

Hubie McDonough is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, with an extensive background in athletics. After graduating from St. Anselm College, Hubie successfully navigated a 13 year professional hockey career, followed by a 19 year managerial position with the Los Angeles Kings.

Now, Hubie applies the technicality and rigor of the professional sports industry to the Real Estate world. He enjoys utilizing his negotiating, management and communication skills throughout Real Estate transactions in order to make the experience as positive and efficient as possible for his clients. Hubie values loyalty, and truly thinks of his clients as his "teammates."

Hubie is excited to be partnering with Sierra Realty, Inc., whose reputation, experience and passion are well known throughout New Hampshire and the Real Estate industry. “I’ve known Ken for over 20 years, when making the decision to make a change, I spoke with him about the business; his passion about the work, knowledge of the Real Estate market, and positive outlook as a person left me convinced this was the right direction for me."

Hubie's ambition and motivation expands to his personal life as well, where he enjoys doing projects around this house, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Please feel free to call Hubie for any of your real estate needs. He'd be happy to “assist” you in reaching your GOALS!

Rylee Ducharme

Rylee Ducharme was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire by two hard working parents, always pushing her to fulfill her potential and reach her goals. After attending Central High School, she went on to achieve her Bachelors in Business Management as well as Food and Health Justice at Merrimack College. While staying committed to her studies and achieving a 3.82 GPA, she also ran Division I Cross Country and Track and Field, and waitressed at the Red Arrow Diner. During her senior year, Rylee knew she did not want to be stuck renting and achieved the goal of buying a condominium with her boyfriend before the year came to an end. Once graduated and unsure where to begin in search for a professional career, real estate kept coming to mind while performing significant renovations to their condominium. During renovations and while interviewing for desk jobs, she knew then she wanted more than a typical 9-5 cubicle office job.

Rylee went on to complete the real estate course and with the help of Ken Scarpetti, gained significant real world experience throughout the duration of the course aiding her education. Upon completion of the course, she began working for Sierra Realty immediately. Although she is a new agent, her passion, determination, and resiliency will make her competitive in the field right off the bat. Rylee loves working with others and knows the importance of home ownership whether clients are in search for their first home or twentieth investment property. Working directly as a team with Ken, Dave, and Hubie, she will have a competitive edge from their lifelong real estate and construction experience.

Outside of work, Rylee enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family, friends, and dog. She loves getting outside for runs as she runs road races and marathons. Rylee also loves to hike and is currently working towards the goal of completing the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire.

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